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Innovation Genius (iG) is a creative content company. iG is made up of non-traditional creatives bringing leadership and fresh perspective from various industries. Collectively, we help develop our clients’ vision and generate in-house projects. Don’t try to put us in a box. We won’t fit. Instead, think of us as an intergalactic spaceship not just because we are a bunch of nerds. Traveling to the unknown is like creating content that’s never been seen. Throughout our journey, we collect, utilize, and distribute samples of our yearly explorations. Contact our earth space station through the logo communication module on the right for more information. Your journey starts now.

To create synergies between sports, entertainment, fashion, art, and technology through collaborative strategies and content creation.

Our environment is open minded, fun and inspiring. We appreciate other creatives’ work as much as our own. Most of our downtime is spent sharing the best of the best works and processes amongst each other. Our team lives and breathes the humanities. Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, or anytime. We take pride in the voices of our clients, opening their imagination, and running with it.

The way we “experience” is changing. Experience meaning: how information is presented and processed. This information often comes with an expectation of being smart, current, and layered. As humanity navigates through this new space, we’ve found it imperative to correlate multidisciplines and support it with technology. At Innovation Genius, we curate content and moments that evokes a reaction.

Conceptual Ideation

Our team specializes in spring board, GOES cycle, storyboarding, and design burst methods and activities. We facilitate the capture of search and solution strategies in association to cultural, societal, and professional issues.

Process Management

We institute, monitor, and manage projects and events from infancy to execution. Collaborating with us means tapping into immediate process improvement and talented resources with history and expertise in designing, maintaining, and implementing solutions,


iG communication features collaboration. Co-creative structures provide balance and optimal workflow automation and project management. Our consulting services offer the ability to customize solutions while utilizing new practices across the world.

Advanced Technology

While our intermediate focus is local, technology makes us global. We identify opportunities and utilize industry technology for reporting and analytics. We are extensions of your team with increased visibility and connectivity channeling new initiatives of innovation.


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