Robert L. Prince III is a Miami Beach Designer, Founder and Creative Consultant at Innovation Genius. As a Brooklyn/Philly hybrid, Rob was heavily influenced by the fashion and artistic presence of the skater and graffiti culture of the 80’s. This spawned his love and deep knowledge of Hip-Hop and Heavy Metal music. The ceremonious unwrapping and dissection of the album and cover art left him thirsty for more information. GQ magazine was a mainstay as his first exposure to high fashion and conceptual photography.

“You’d be surprised how a single magazine could be a gateway to another world for a Brooklyn kid,” Prince said. “I have a 4 foot tower of GQ’s in my living room that I rotate. My friends find it comical that no one’s allowed to touch my tower.”

After a run at modeling in his early 20’s, Rob was offered the opportunity to work for a well-established sports agent. This experience propelled him to go back to school. He acquired a Sports & Recreation Management degree at Temple University. Working with athletes and entertainers led Rob to start his own firm incorporating his multidisciplinary base of fashion, art, music, and sports. He currently draws inspiration from Fab Five Freddy, Pharrell, and even the of intellect of Tony Starks (Iron Man). “You’reselling yourself short if you aren’t taking a little something from everyone. Commitment is needed to be continually stimulated. I’ve watched fashion week presentations on my phone at the gym. I’ll read art news in my Uber and listen to TED talks between meetings. Even the smallest bit of a concept can spawn an entire project.”

As Creative Director of IG, the approach is what Prince calls a “polymathic romance”.“We create content that crosses disciplines and appeals to multiple experiences in an unconventional way,” says Prince. In this spirit, he has assembled a team of directors who have excelled in various industries. “In doing so we can leverage skill sets because creating innovative ideas no matter the industry is an art form.” Rob is the calculated tactician of Batman with the sarcasm of Deadpool living the ways of the Jedi.

More Press: School of Tourism and Hospitality Management alumnus making a career out of his creativity. (2015), C. Vito., Destinations

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