Tiffany Carter is a Miami Beach supply chain strategist, painter, and Sourcing & Business Development Consultant at Innovation Genius. She was born and raised in a family of artists on the Southside of Chicago. Sunday trips to the Art Institute with her father were a commonplace. During her formative years, Tiffany attended a humanities academy with a focus on music and visual art. Despite being a pure culturist, Tiffany always had ambitions of a businesswoman. She imagined herself with a briefcase and a grey suit.“ It wasn’t every girl’s dream but, it was mine,”said Tiffany.

After obtaining an MBA in Marketing and Finance, Tiffany spent 10 years in the supply chain industry. Her imminent creativity and on the fly reactionary skills led to her success. Strategic analysis became Tiffany’s strong suit of fixing the impossible. “I think this strengthened me as a creative. There’s a science of processes from conception to production of a project or an art piece. It comes in different layers and pace,“said Tiffany.

Tiffany ran her own private art studio, The Hippie In Me, out of the popular art hub Lacuna Artist Lofts in Pilsen, Chicago. Lacuna thrusted her into a rich creative ecosystem where collaboration was out of the box. Tiffany curated her first group exhibition in 2013 as a tribute to Pink Floyd. She credits her experience in supply chain for the ability to manage a successful 30 artist exhibition. Tiffany’s passions within art are typography, French Impressionism and beads. I’m actually a beader, and I’ve collected them from all over the world,“said Tiffany.

Tiffany brings a balance between process and ideation to Innovation Genius. She’s recently formed a new team challenging the art sector in the advancement of craft. Tiffany’s management and collaborative leadership is bar none. She has the southern charm of Rogue and tenacity of X-23. The force is still growing within to unmeasurable levels. She is elite.

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