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The Challenge

At Innovation Genius, we believe cultural enrichment is a key element in the economic growth of a community. With the decline of humanities programs in the education system, youth have less exposure to cultural programs and institutions. Who will connect the youth that so desperately need an outlet for self-expression and inspiration? We would like to invest in the development of young minds into leaders of the future.

The Solution

We are piloting a mentorship initiative that exposes youth of Miami-Dade and Broward County to cultural experiences. Our target is middle and senior high school level students.

Our goals of this initiative are: to navigate artistic subcultures, improve attitude & performance, build confidence, character, & positive citizenship, provide an outlet of self-expression, to master cultural etiquette.

Innovation Genius is looking for adults interested in becoming culture mentors, corporate partnerships, and sponsorships. You have the power to help our youth. It is their job to survive the games. May the odds ever be in their favor. Join us in the 2016 Culture Games and contact us below.

What youth can participate in The Culture Games?

Must be a middle or high-school student in Miami-Dade or Broward County. Contact us for satellite opportunities. 

How can I support The Culture Games?

By recommending a qualifying youth participant, becoming a culture mentor, curating and/or sponsoring an experience. Telling others about The Culture Games requesting their support. Be encouraging to the youth participants and all of the staff associated with the games. 

What is considered as a qualified experience?

Events and activity related to cultural institutions and subject matter. This includes art fairs and exhibitions, ethnic celebrations, performance arts, historical celebrations, sporting events, and many more.

What type of challenges do the participants receive?

No. No. No. This is survival of the fittest. We can’t let the cat out the bag for the youth to see, now can we?

The Culture Games...Who Will Survive?

If you are interested in becoming a culture mentor, sponsor, or working with iG, send us an inquiry.  We will get back to you soon, our future depends on it!